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Family Medicine Associates of Gallup, NM is the leader in sports medicine in the greater Gallup, NM region. We have the region’s most highly educated and practiced physicians on staff who have made sports medicine a specialty.

Sports medicine is not just for the athlete. It is recommended for anyone who is physically active on a regular basis, either through work or by practicing an exercise routine. Injuries and conditions related to physical activity can happen to anyone, whether you were a gold medal-winning sprinter at the Olympics or just took up jogging, a weight lifter or someone who lifts heavy boxes at work.

At Family Medicine Associates of Gallup, NM, our sports medicine specialty encompasses a variety of conditions, which include:

• Concussion from a Severe Head Injury
• ACL Sprains and Tears
• Muscle Cramps
• Shin Splints
• Ankle Sprains
• Muscle Strains
• Bone Fractures
• Spinal Cord Injury

We will also test to determine conditions that may be contributing to underperformance, such as asthma or diabetes. Once we have determined the nature of the complaint, we will work to remedy it and get you back out on the field and active again. One of our major efforts is in patient education, which may involve advice on how to improve performance or on what types of activities should be restricted.

Nevertheless, our ultimate goal at Family Medicine Associates of Gallup, NM is to resolve your sports or exercise condition and get you back in the running. Call us today for an appointment, and see why “we’re No. 1” in Gallup for sports medicine care.